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Elevate Your Digital Presence With Sunday Social

Sunday Social, We are a boutique social media and creative services agency based in Los Angeles, California.  Specializing in platform management, high quality content creation, organic influencer outreach, and digital marketing, we effectively bridge the gap between brands and their target consumers.

Our agency will create an expert level social media strategy, perfectly tailored to our client’s vision and goals, to elevate their digital presence and increase their business success.  We are dedicated to the growth of our client’s in the digital space and creating customized services based on their needs.

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24/7 Platform Management

Once we identify the key social platforms best suited for your brand, we will thoroughly manage your digital presence on a 24/7 basis. This includes executing custom strategies, managing content, and providing basic customer service through each platform. We will engage your current audience while consistently executing targeted outreach to effectively grow a community around your brand. Receive monthly reports and track your campaign performance.
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Content Creation

As artists in the digital space, we will curate customized content to define and elevate your brand story. This encompasses photography, graphic design, and illustration all aimed to engage your target consumers. This includes creative direction, managing talent, prop resourcing, and production management.
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Influencer Outreach

We will utilize our wide network of influencers to place your product directly in front of your target consumers. From influencer gifting to paid influencer campaigns, we will meticulously oversee these relationships to increase growth, engagement, and relevance of your brand and its social platforms.
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Digital Marketing

Further engage your consumers with regularly scheduled, impeccably designed email campaigns. Share news about upcoming events, highlight products, announce product launches and sales, and more. Email marketing is a beneficial addition to any marketing strategy to build customer retention and increase revenue in a way that is easily sharable, measurable, and cost effective.
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Online Advertising

Tap into a global audience, drive traffic, and earn clicks with sophisticated advertising campaigns. From adwords and retargeting to boosted posts, provide us with a marketing budget and watch your sales grow.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will optimize your website to earn better free traffic from search engines. Using on-site SEO we will make your website more search engine friendly, and using off-site SEO we will increase site authority. Optimizations are customized based on your websites unique needs, and include tags, external and internal link building, image alt text, directory submissions, and more.

A Taste of Our Work

We specialize in creating a visual storyline unique to the brand’s image.  Here are a few of our client’s, past and present.

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